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Deeply-rooted in the region of Emilia Romagna, but at the same time directed towards the national and international markets, thanks to a close network of agents answering for a punctual delivery-system all over Italy, Europe and the World. This is the real picture of TRANSTIR, a national and international shipping company established in Carpi in 1978 which deals with transports by land, sea and air. Today, thanks to some important innovations TRANSTIR is something more: a modern, reliable rm able to suggest cutting- edge transport and logistics solutions and to respond to the rapid changes of the companies’ production requirements in a exible and responsive way.Our Company’s strengths are: Quick, easy, completely computerized processes including the possibility of tracking down the shipment status at any time. Large facilities located in Carpi: a 15,000 sqm yard, a 3,500 sqm covered storehouse with deposit, storage and logistics services and a 1, 200 sqm of ce area.

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Know how, experience and great competences together with innovation, exibility and reactivity, make TRANSTIR the effective solution to any transport, forwarding and logistics needs.

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Company specialized in International Shipping Services, that works in transport of wares by Land, Air or Container