Company specialized in National Transport of wares by Land, Air or Container.

National Transport

Thanks to collaboration of a close network of partners spread all over the Country, TRANSTIR can manage flows of goods anywhere in Italy. For each delivery it is always possible to choose between the cheaper STANDARD SERVICES and the FAST ones, which are faster and offer guaranteed deliveries. At any rate TRANSTIR ensures the greatest flexibility and high quality performances.



Traditional national transport with daily departures


goods shipments on pallets by ONE EXPRESS to which we are affiliated


Useful for shipments of less than 100 kilos


Ideal for over 2000 kgs chargeable weight. Direct return and delivery without any transfers and with a reduction in time, costs and possible risks of damage

  • Load capacity and availability of trucks of transport during the whole year
  • Shipments tracking at any time and pod online
  • Custome service within the company offering punctual, flexible and personalized services
  • Deliveries for MD (mass distribution)
  • Transport of dangerous GOODS IN ADR CONDITION
  • Deliveries by appointment
  • Timely communication in case of goods in stock
  • Deliveries to private people
  • Extra services on demand (porterage, delivery to floor and so on)

Ours hubs in Italy

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Company specialized in International Transport of wares by Land, Air or Container