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Transport and integrated logistics services daily connecting Italy with any destination in Europe, no country excluded. More specifically: shipments by road, sea and air, import/export, domestic shipments and logistics. We can guarantee FAST deliveries (faster and more reliable) and a strong specialisation in the Russian and Eastern European markets. In summary, this is the simple and innovative proposal launched by TRANSTIR, a transport and logistics company under full and quick development. This process began in 2015, with the acquisition of the shipping company having the same name and based in Carpi and the beginning of a significant reorganisation and computerisation of the business processes. In 2016 the second piece, the incorporation of F.lli Meoni of Prato and in February 2017, the third one: the opening of the Milan branch. Three offices strategically rooted in three of the most productive areas of Italy, where about 60 professionals offer their experience and skills to the customers, constantly updating them with the latest industry developments. Streamlined and completely computerised processes complete the TRANSTIR proposal. The result is a global and local service able to respond in a flexible and responsive way to the rapidly changing production needs of the companies, offering advanced logistics and transport solutions.
In short: Transtir, go for easy!

Livio Selva
President & CEO


Cool Timeline


​​​​Apertura del servizio terrestre nella filiale di Transtir a Milano.​​​Opening of the land service at the Transtir branch in Milan


​​​​Apertura della nuova filiale di Transtir a Milano.​​​Opening of the new Transtir branch in Milan.


​​​Transtir Srl rileva e incorpora F.lli Meoni, società di spedizioni di Prato specialista nei collegamenti con i Paesi dell’Est, e la ribattezza F.lli Meoni – Transtir.​​Transtir Srl buys and incorporates F.lli Meoni, a shipping company of Prato specialised in the connections with the Eastern European countries, and rename it F.lli Meoni – Transtir.


​​Transtir Srl, casa di spedizioni fondata a Carpi nel 1978, viene acquisita da Livio Selva, che ne prende la guida e avvia un profondo processo di riorganizzazione e informatizzazione delle procedure aziendali.​​​Transtir Srl, a shipping company founded in 1978 in Carpi, is acquired by Livio Selva, who takes the lead and begins a deep process of reorganisation and computerisation of the business processes.


​​F.lli Meoni viene fondata a Prato da Mario Meoni.​F.lli Meoni is founded by Mario Meoni in Prato.


A Carpi nasce Transtir Srl​Transtir Srl is founded in Carpi

spedizioni internazionali

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What makes us special?

Know how, experience and great competences together with innovation, exibility and reactivity, make TRANSTIR the effective solution to any transport, forwarding and logistics needs.


Deposit and storage for your goods

Deposit and storage service for your goods

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Available calendars of departures in the period December 2022 – January 2023


Transtir: August always open – Guaranteed Departures Calendar August 2022

Company specialized in International Shipping Services, that works in transport of wares by Land, Air or Container